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100% guaranteed uptime is possible, but will cost a bit more. If for some reason, an uptime of more than 99,96% isn’t enough for you, your website can be moved to the Extra Premium Plan.

How much exactly will it cost you more?

For the 0,04% extra uptime we ask an extra €12/month. As a bonus, you will get a free SSL/https certificate, which is a good idea anyway.

What is the Cyber Shrimp Heartbeat Website Monitor?

in short:


Every five minutes, your website is visited by a robot. If the robot gets no response because your website is down, we will be notified by email or text message. Appropriate action will be taken immediately.


Backups are made on a daily basis, and every week a backup is made of the seven backups. In a worst case scenario, we can have your website back online in about 10 minutes.


Hackers will have a very hard time to get into your website. Strong passwords, two-factor authentication, limited login attempts as well as an intelligent firewall will give you a rock-solid security. If you run a webshop or have multiple users, we will serve the entire website over https.


Since you pay a monthly fee for 24 months, all the maintenance and updates are included. This will keep your website alive. Google and your visitors will love you for it.

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